Asphalt Resurfacing
Rayner Equipment Systems' Asphalt Slurry Seal Machine: the RoadSaver

Keep Pavement Fresh with Asphalt Resurfacing Services

Maintaining pavement throughout the U.S. is no simple task. Asphalt contractors across the country must continually repair, replace and maintain our city’s roadways. However, roadway maintenance has been made easier with specific pavement treatments, such as asphalt resurfacing. Thanks to slurry seal equipment, designed and manufactured by Rayner Equipment Systems, contractors can implement quick and effective asphalt resurfacing for any surface. To learn more about our slurry seal machinery, contact RES today!

The Need for Resurfacing

Asphalt resurfacing is a service every asphalt contractor should have the ability to offer. In addition to paving, chip sealing, crack repair, and seal coating, resurfacing services can help protect and extend pavement’s lifespan. As such, roadway resurfacing (or slurry seal treatment) provides benefits like:

  • Deterioration Reversal and Prevention
    • Numerous factors affect the durability of your asphalt; UV rays, moisture, traffic, and chemical spills, to name a few. Thankfully, instead of outright replacing pavement that has broken down, slurry sealing can help restore your asphalt. Slurry seal mixtures fill cracks and bind unraveling asphalt, returning much of its strength. The result is a more durable pavement surface with an extended lifespan!
  • Color Restoration
    • While cracks and fading colors might seem like minor issues for your asphalt, they can make a difference. For example, asphalt that appears crumbling and faded can put off potential visitors to your property. The last thing you want to do with commercial properties is drive away business with an ugly exterior! As such, asphalt resurfacing refreshes the pavement surface, restoring much of the curb appeal for your property.
  • Driver Safety
    • Unfortunately, deteriorating roadways can lead to unsafe driving conditions. Crumbling pavement and potholes can harm vehicles, damaging wheels or kicking loose pavement into a vehicle’s undercarriage. Additionally, loose pavement can lead to skidding and slippage, even under decent weather and temperature conditions. Pavement resurfacing resolves most crumbling and deteriorating pavement issues, thus creating a safer roadway.

RES Slurry Seal Machines

We’ve already mentioned slurry seal treatment as an effective asphalt resurfacing option. However, contractors cannot offer this service without equipment uniquely designed to mix and apply slurry seal. Thankfully, RES’s RoadSavers ensure the highest quality slurry seal service. With over 35 years of testing and hundreds of units worldwide, our RoadSavers have proven to be relentlessly reliable. Some of the machine’s best features include:

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • PACCAR truck engine with increased, low-end torque
  • REPTO design with a hot shift feature, including specific safety elements
  • Emulsion pump filtering system
  • Twin hydraulic drives for balanced torque
  • State-of-the-art electronic sensors and displays providing real-time system info
  • Hydraulically driven dry additive system
  • Central operator control center
An RES RoadSaver used for Asphalt Resurfacing

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