Asphalt Sealcoating Equipment
A PavementSaver, part of RES's line of asphalt sealcoating equipment

Preserve Roadways Using the Best Asphalt Sealcoating Equipment Available

To extend the lifespan and increase roadways’ resistances, businesses and municipalities throughout the country rely on asphalt sealcoating. However, sealcoating is only possible (and effective) when done by asphalt paving experts using the best asphalt sealcoating equipment. If you’re an asphalt contractor yourself, in search of high-quality machinery for your sealcoating service, talk with the team at Rayner Equipment Systems. We can get you started with the sealcoating machines you need to make your company successful!

Sealcoating Machines for Any Job

Sealcoating isn’t an overly difficult service for asphalt contractors to offer. However, sealcoating can be performed quicker, more accurately and expertly when using the right equipment. Thus, RES supplies numerous sealcoating systems depending on your clients’ needs.

  • PavementSavers
    • Our PavementSavers are the perfect sealcoating buggies for small and precise sealcoating jobs. While a sealcoating truck can cover an impressive amount of surface, it can be challenging to maneuver where there are tight corners and smaller patches of pavement. To resolve such concerns, our PavementSavers are compact pieces of machinery with an impressive capacity for sealcoat and are easy for any operator to drive.
  • RaynMakers
    • The RaynMaker is RES’s line of sealcoating trucks, best for completing your largest sealcoating jobs. Our RaynMakers have incredible tank capacity, allowing most sealcoat jobs to be finished in one tank! Additionally, our RaynMakers feature adjustable spray bars with precision controls in the truck’s cab. Our RaynMaker machines make sealcoating simple and convenient, reducing labor and operation costs for most asphalt contractors.
  • RaynPro T-Series
    • Perhaps you need new sealcoating equipment but don’t require the truck or buggy that comes with RES’s standard machine offerings. If such is the case, RES has you covered! Our RaynPro T-Series adapts to any existing truck or trailer you already own. You get the same convenience and efficiency as our PavementSavers or RaynMakers, but using already purchased trucks and equipment. Not to mention, the RaynPro T-Series can be more affordable when compared to our additional sealcoating equipment.

Place Your Trust in RES

Rayner Equipment Systems strives to offer the highest quality asphalt sealcoating equipment for contractors of all sizes and anywhere throughout the United States. Since the 1970s, the Rayner brothers and their team have developed durable and reliable equipment for various asphalt applications. When RES first discovered the unpredictability and high failure rate of slurry seal machines, we set out to create a better piece of equipment. Today, not only have we improved on the design of slurry seal machines, but our sealcoating equipment is known across the country!

A RaynMaker truck, part of RES's line of Asphalt Sealcoating Equipment

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Ensure you’re offering the best possible sealcoating service with the right asphalt sealcoating equipment, thanks to Rayner Equipment Systems. To learn more about our other road maintenance products, contact us today at 928-684-7851. We serve clients in Arizona, California, Texas, Illinois, New York and throughout the United States.