Best Seal Coating Trucks
A road construction worker looks at a crack in the road before working with the RaynMaker, the Best Seal Coating Trucks

Rayner Equipment Systems is Known for the Best Seal Coating Trucks

The Rayner Equipment Systems (RES) name has the best seal coating trucks in the business. And there’s a reason people know this fact. RES was built from the concept of two brothers, Gordon and Rich Rayner, who believed investing in quality components for reliable equipment was worth it. Today, we’ve designed RES’s line of seal coating trucks with the operator in mind. Our team optimized the RaynMaker spray system for ease of use, dependability, and reliability.

The RaynMaker Difference

The RES RaynMaker is a great investment for your asphalt contracting business. The RaynMaker line of trucks feature state-of-the-art components and electronics. Its patented spray bar system is an innovative tool for the industry. This 8” diameter bar features twin finish filters and two snap-in spray extensions. The retractable, hydraulic lift system can spray up to 14’ in width. It also maintains a constant delivery rate, even when it’s moving forward.

The RaynMaker also has a full-sweep agitator. That means you can easily modify sealcoat materials. If you are applying latex products, SBS, SBR, tire rubber compounds, or other fine aggregates, it’s a simple task. What’s more, you can control the spray system from an ARC Control System with a wireless remote up to 1500 feet. Your RaynMaker can also be customized with dual pumps, electronic accessories, and a variety of agitator tanks, as well as a storage tank.

About RES

In addition to the RaynMaker line, Rayner Equipment Systems (RES) manufactures several other types of high-end asphalt pavement equipment that contractors like you need to make their jobs easier. We’ve built our equipment to be tough and last a lifetime. We use high-end components and ultra-durable, hi-tensile T1 steel for our fabrications, ensuring a long life with little maintenance. Our equipment is also designed to keep your crews productive and safe. From sealcoat, slurry seal, or micro surfacing machines, RES has everything you need to keep your crew covered.

The RaynMaker IIIG is one of the Best Seal Coating Trucks available on the market

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