Best Sealcoat Sprayers
The RaynMaker, a large sealcoat sprayer manufactured by RES

Maintain Lots and Residential Roadways with the Best Sealcoat Sprayers

While majorly trafficked roadways are sufficiently protected with slurry seals, what’s best for protecting residential roads, driveways and parking lots? As an experienced asphalt contractor, you already know the answer: sealcoating! Thus, when asphalt paving companies wish to provide a full range of asphalt repair/preservation services, having sealcoating equipment is essential. And if searching for some of the best sealcoat sprayers in the United States, look no further than Rayner Equipment Systems.

How Our Machines Stand Out

To meet the needs of our contracting clients, RES develops high-quality, highly effective, and customizable sealcoat machines. Whether you require a sealcoat buggy, trailer, or truck-driven system, we can match your needs with the best sealcoat sprayers available. Here’s how our sealcoat machines set themselves apart:

  • Flexibility
    • For small lots or driveways, truck-driven sealcoat sprayers can be too big to maneuver. Conversely, sealcoating jobs for long stretches of road will require more than a buggy to cover. Thankfully, RES produces all types of sealcoating equipment for all job types. Additionally, tank capacity customization options allow you to implement consistent sealcoating for any project size.
  • Longevity
    • With precisely designed computer controls, powerful engines and high-quality steel, RES’s sealcoating equipment is meant to last a lifetime! Unlike sealcoating machines from other manufacturers, you won’t be caught continually replacing and repairing parts. Our RaynMakers and PavementSavers are reliable and long-lasting, well worth the investment from paving contractors.
  • Easy to Use
    • It doesn’t take much to operate RES’s sealcoating machines. The RaynMaker and PavementSaver are self-contained systems, making it quick and easy to complete sealcoating jobs with minimal downtime or interference. And rather than applying sealcoating via manual sprayers, our equipment allows operators to apply even coatings to surfaces from the safety of a cab or truck.

Equipment Options

Rayner Equipment Systems’ sealcoating machines provide unmatched quality and reliability. We develop our equipment with the needs of contractors in mind. As such, asphalt companies can select from various sealcoat sprayer options, such as:

  • PavementSavers – Sealcoat buggies, best for maintaining smaller or more precise sealcoating projects. These machines are built to out-run, out-last and outperform all other sealcoat machines. Various tank sizes, colors and options are available for our PavementSaver models.
  • RaynMaker – Mobile sealcoat distribution units. Each machine doesn’t require a dedicated truck, is skid-mounted, self-contained, and easy to operate. The RanyMaker is best for maintaining large lots and longer residential roadways.
  • RaynPro T-Series – Similar features and customization options to the RaynMaker, but without the dedicated truck. If your pavement equipment fleet already consists of heavy-duty trucks, the T-Series allows you to use the best features of our RaynMakers, but at a significantly reduced cost.
The PavementSaver, one of the best Best Sealcoat Sprayers in the asphalt industry

Talk with Our Team

When in search of the best sealcoat sprayers for your asphalt paving business, trust the high-quality and efficiency of Rayner Equipment Systems’ PavementSavers, RaynMakers, and RaynPro T-Series. Or, to learn more about RES’s selection of road maintenance equipment, contact us today at 928-684-7851. We serve clients in Arizona, California, Texas, Illinois, New York and throughout the United States.