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RaynMaker spraying sealcoat on a parking log

Count on RES for the Best Sealcoating Equipment Available

Sealcoating is an incredibly effective service for maintaining the appearance and integrity of asphalt pavement. As an asphalt contractor, you understand the role sealcoating plays in asphalt preservation. As such, you should have the best sealcoating equipment available to provide this service to your clients. Thankfully, Rayner Equipment Systems has you covered. We supply asphalt contractors throughout the United States with the road maintenance equipment they need to grow and succeed in the paving industry.

Why Sealcoating is Necessary for Pavement Preservation

While there are multiple methods for maintaining asphalt pavement, sealcoating has proven to be one of the most popular and effective. Additionally, a layer of sealcoating applied to pavement surfaces carries additional benefits standard crack repair or repaving doesn’t. Here are a few of the reasons why your clients will request sealcoating services:

  • Sealcoat acts as a protective layer to an asphalt surface. While water, auto fluids, and UV rays can dissolve asphalt and wear it down inside-out, sealcoating “seals” your asphalt. With sealcoating, you can prevent the deterioration of your asphalt lots, roads and driveways.
  • If your asphalt has faded and become cracked, sealcoating can restore it to like new. Sealcoating can restore the black color and texture of asphalt. Additionally, sealcoat fills all cracks and prevents further cracking from occurring. Ultimately, sealcoating refreshes the state of your pavement for up to three years.
  • The minimal labor and materials required to offer sealcoating lend to the incredible cost-effectiveness of this pavement treatment procedure.
  • Sealcoating also helps business owners and residents save money by preventing more expensive asphalt repair or replacement.
  • A layer of sealcoat can make lots and roadways safer during the winter, as sealcoating accelerates the melting process of snow and ice.
  • Sealcoating has been known to extend the lifespan of asphalt pavement by a significant amount. As long as sealcoating is reapplied to an asphalt surface every two to three years, you can add up to 20 years to your pavement’s life.

Our Sealcoating Buggies, Trucks and Trailers

To meet the sealcoating needs of clients, asphalt contractors require the best sealcoating equipment. Thankfully, Rayner Equipment Systems can happily oblige! Our machinery plays a vital role for road maintenance crews and municipalities throughout the United States. As such, our most popular sealcoating equipment includes:

  • PavementSavers – Sealcoat buggies, great for small and more precise sealcoating projects. The RES PavementSaver is designed to out-run, out-last and outperform all other sealcoat machines. Various tank sizes, colors and options are available.
  • RaynMaker – Mobile sealcoat distribution units. These machines can travel long distances, carry large amounts of sealcoating, is skid-mounted, self-contained, and easy to operate. The RanyMaker is best for maintaining large lots and longer residential roadways.
  • RaynPro T-Series – Similar features and customization options to the RaynMaker, but without the dedicated truck. If you already possess large trucks for hauling, your T-Series can easily attach to the back. The RaynPro T-Series allows you to offer the same excellent sealcoating services but with more affordable machinery.
A RaynMaker tank, part of the Best Sealcoating Equipment in the asphalt paving industry

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