Best Slurry Seal Machines
A RES Roadsaver, the best slurry seal machines in the United States

Effectively Maintain Pavement with the Best Slurry Seal Machines

Road maintenance crews and asphalt contractors work diligently every day to repair and maintain roadways throughout the United States. However, without the right equipment, asphalt will continue to deteriorate, and your team will be back repairing the same pavement within a year! To ensure your company can offer practical and long-lasting pavement treatment services, you require the best slurry seal machines available with Rayner Equipment Systems.

How is Slurry Sealing Better for Asphalt Care?

Standard crack repair and sealcoating are some of the primary asphalt maintenance services city municipalities and property owners require. Although the asphalt treatment techniques work, they don’t offer the same durability and longevity as slurry sealing. By offering slurry seal services, your asphalt contracting company can ensure:

  • Care for Heavily Trafficked Roads
    • Slurry sealing utilizes a specialized bituminous mixture made from water, asphalt emulsion, aggregate and additional additives. The results of this mixture ensure greater strength across an asphalt’s surface. Additionally, slurry seal mixtures provide much of the same resistance to chemicals, UV rays and moisture as sealcoating offers.
  • Long-Lasting Results
    • Slurry seals and sealcoating aim to protect asphalt and extend pavement life. However, with sealcoating, property owners will find themselves requesting additional coating every few years. Conversely, a slurry seal can protect your roadway for up to 10 years on average. Slurry seals offer the same incredible protection of sealcoating but with less required upkeep.
  • Reverse Asphalt Cracks & Crumbling
    • Best of all, slurry seals can repair and restore cracked and crumbling pavement! Slurry seal mixtures are similar to sealcoat mixtures because both can fill in cracks and reverse minor damage in asphalt. However, slurry seals can go a step further, correcting crumbling and unraveling in pavement, damage that often requires the replacement of sections of asphalt.

Where Can You Find the Best Slurry Seal Machines?

Few asphalt equipment manufacturers offer better slurry seal products than Rayner Equipment Systems. Known as the RoadSaver, our slurry seal machine is our flagship product! We manufacture operator-friendly equipment using high-quality components and materials, providing maximum production capabilities. The best features of the RES RoadSaver include:

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • PACCAR truck engine with increased, low-end torque
  • REPTO design with a hot shift feature, including specific safety elements
  • Emulsion pump filtering system
  • Twin hydraulic drives for balanced torque
  • State-of-the-art electronic sensors and displays providing real-time system info
  • Hydraulically driven dry additive system
  • Central operator control center
A road covered using the Best Slurry Seal Machines

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To ensure your company can offer high-quality asphalt maintenance, repair and treatment services, invest in the best slurry seal machines in the asphalt industry: the RES RoadSaver. To learn more about RoadSavers or Rayner Equipment Systems’ additional asphalt products, contact us today at 916-381-8066. We serve clients in Arizona, California, Texas, Illinois, New York and throughout the United States.