Blacktop Sealcoating Equipment
RES Blacktop sealcoating equipment spraying a road with sealcoating

Build Your Road Maintenance Fleet with Blacktop Sealcoating Equipment

You need the right equipment for the job to offer the services required of you as an asphalt contractor. Rayner Equipment Systems produces numerous machines for various asphalt protection, resurfacing and treatment methods. Our blacktop sealcoating equipment is some of the best, with trucks, buggies and trailers that help maximize sealcoating productivity. If you are interested in new sealcoating machinery for your business, give RES a call today!

Meeting Contractor Needs

Our sealcoat machine types each meet the differing needs of contractors. For example, precise sealcoating jobs are best for our sealcoating buggies. Or, you can spread a higher capacity of sealcoating with one of our sealcoat trucks. Talk with RES today to determine what sealcoating unit is best for your company.

  • Speed & Precision
    • Sealcoating jobs for small lots or driveways require quick, precise, and highly-maneuverable machinery. If residential sealcoating is your primary concern, a sealcoating buggy will work best for your purposes. RES’s PavementSavers are the best sealcoat buggies available, designed to outperform similar machines in speed and productivity.
  • Greater Capacity
    • Do you manage sealcoating for roadways, large lots and commercial properties? If so, you’ll need one of RES’s sealcoat trucks. The RaynMaker is our self-contained, skid-mounted mobile sealcoat distribution unit. RaynMakers don’t need a dedicated truck and use hydraulics, digital controls, material filters and more to maximize sealcoat spraying. With tank capacities from 1,000 to 4,000 gallons, RES’s sealcoat trucks can handle any large sealcoat project.
  • More Customizability
    • Although all of RES’s equipment is customizable, no machine has more options for customization than our sealcoat trailers. The RaynPro T-Series trailers are designed to be used with existing trucks. With options for spray bar sizes, tank capacity, hydraulics, heating system operation, etc., you can have a RES sealcoat trailer manufactured to your exact specifications.

More Than Sealcoating

Alongside Rayner Equipment Systems’ top-rated blacktop sealcoating equipment, we produce products with other asphalt treatment solutions in mind. For example, slurry seal service is quickly becoming a popular asphalt resurfacing option across the States. As such, RES manufactures the finest slurry seal and micro surfacing machine in the world. Our RoadSavers are known for their better steel, components, and operator-friendly design.

Operators sealcoating a road using Blacktop Sealcoating Equipment from RES

Call Today

Selecting the right blacktop sealcoating equipment to match the needs of your contractors and clients is essential for offering fast, high-quality sealcoating service. To find the machines best for your company, give Rayner Equipment Systems a call today. Contact us at 928-684-7851 to learn more about our asphalt products or request a quote. We serve clients in Arizona, California, Texas, Illinois, New York and throughout the United States.