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Sealcoating contractors need equipment that is fast, dependable, and easy to use. The RaynMaker Sealcoat Spray System by Rayner Equipment Systems fits the bill. Mobile sealcoat distribution units that are skid-mounted and totally self-contained, the RaynMaker and RaynMaker IIIG are the perfect solutions for your asphalt maintenance needs.

  • No dedicated truck needed
  • Stores flat on any level surface when not in use

The RaynMaker has its own diesel engine, storage tank, hydraulics, digital controls, material spread rate computer, pumping system, material filters and a patented sealcoat spray bar.

  • Self-Contained & Skid Mounted
  • No hydraulics to hook up
  • No hoses to hook up
  • No electrics to hook up
  • No PTO required
  • Easy on – Easy off, stores flat
  • Wireless controls: operate from the truck or up to 1500 ft. (457.2 m) away

See the RaynMaker IIIG Brochure
RaynMaker IIIG Video

Features & Specifications

Photo of RaynMaker with yellow numbered dots pointing out different parts


The hydraulic system of a RaynMaker
1. Hydraulic System

Hydraulics are used to drive the material pump, the spray bar nozzle control and to raise and lower the sealcoat spray bar. The RaynMaker uses only the highest quality piston pumps and orbital motors made by Sauer-Danfoss. Piston pumps offer higher pressure capabilities, longer life, quieter operations, pressure compensating options and lower operating costs.

The RaynMaker has a 20 gal (75.7 l) hydraulic reservoir, a separate thermostatically-controlled hydraulic oil cooler and features automatic pressure compensation allowing the system to adjust the volume to maintain a pressure setting.

The primary and secondary sealcoat filtration systems in a RaynMaker
2. Sealcoat Material Filtration

With the introduction of high-performance fine aggregate filled emulsion systems, filtration becomes an important factor. Oversized stones or other particles can easily clog a spray system.

The RaynMaker easily handles those challenges with two separate filtration systems. The primary system has 339 square inches of 3/8” filter face. The secondary system has 1,620 square inches of 1/8” filter face. All filters are easily removable for service and may be back-flushed in place by use of a water hose.

Shot featuring the sealcoat spreader bar on a RaynMaker
3. Sealcoat Spreader Bar

The spreader bar consists of an 8’ primary bar which incorporates two large filters and is equipped with 6 spray tips. Standard configuration will spray sealcoat up to 10 feet in width while additional widths to 14 feet may be accomplished using included snap-in extensions.

The RaynMaker sealcoat spray bar is mounted on a retractable lift system that is hydraulically operated. This allows the bar to be locked in a raised position for travel/storage and allows the whole RaynMaker unit to be stored on any flat surface.

Once the sealcoat spray bar is lowered in place, the RaynMaker offers an optional hydraulic height adjustment feature. This allows the operator to further adjust the sealcoat spreader bar height up or down over a range of 8” to fine-tune the sealcoat spray height for proper material fan width.

The spray tips are removable for service and a selection of tips are available for a wide range of materials and applications.

4. Storage Configuration

Tank sizes vary according to customers’ needs, from 1,000 gal (3785 l) to 4,000 gal (15,141 l). The standard configuration is 1,500 gal (5678 l). Tanks are built with ASTM A572 T-1 Hi-Tensile Steel.

Each tank unit is independently framed and mounted on a master sub-frame with an engineered gradient to encourage material flow to the delivery point. The RaynMaker may be purchased with or without a storage tank.

5. Engine Options

The RaynMaker is available with multiple engine choices, single or dual pumps, and various electronic accessories.


Digital Smart-Ops Control System with GPS – monitors your material flow.

Digital Smart-Ops Control System with GPS

Smart-Ops is a computer monitoring/control system that resides inside the operator control station. Smart-Ops consists of a Sauer-Danfoss MC24 microcontroller with a DP200 monochrome display.

Smart-Ops allows the operator to adjust the sealcoat material spread rate, in accordance with calibrations. Once set, remote operations are then controlled by the Smart-Ops remote unit which may be operated from the cab of the truck or from anywhere within 1,500 feet.

Using GPS speed sensing, Smart-Ops will assist in maintaining a constant delivery rate of sealcoat material per square yard of surface, even while actual forward delivery speed may vary. The speed information allows the computer to adjust the sealcoat output to the predetermined spread rate. We use GPS so the RaynMaker can be easily and quickly installed on the vehicle of choice.

The GPS unit has an onboard battery for retaining the latest positioning data, providing quick startup of the system. The GPS is an over the horizon version that uses four satellites to gather its positioning, this helps prevent dead spots from trees.

The Smart-Ops System is designed to be rugged and simple. Full operating instructions are provided with every RaynMaker in printed form and on CD. As always, our technical support staff is trained and ready to provide any assistance required.

Sealcoat Material Flow

Controlled from the Smart-Ops Remote, the RaynMaker uses a positive displacement Bowie pump regulated by the Smart-Ops system. Engineered modifications allow this system to handle fine aggregate filled materials and the toughest of challenges.

The RaynMaker material system is also equipped for self-loading of material into the storage tank by reversing the delivery pump. Quick coupling connections make hooking up to your supply source easy.