RaynPro T-Series

RaynPro T-Series – Sealcoating Machines

The RaynPro-T Series line of sealcoating machines from Rayner Equipment Systems offers sealcoating contractors a completely customizable piece of equipment to fit their needs.

It all starts with the Tanks.
  • Choose a size ranging from 200 gal (757 l) to 12,000 gal (45424 l)
How do you want your sealcoat tank to be mounted?
  • RaynPro tanks can be built onto a trailer or skid-mounted
We build around your needs.
  • Length is adjusted according to tank sizes and options and can be extended to accommodate blowers or other equipment
  • Axle configuration: 1, 2 or 3 axles – 6,000 lb. (2721 kg) or 7,000 lb. (3175 kg) rating
  • Brakes: electric or surge (electric is standard)
Apply your sealcoat.
  • Engine: 14 hp Kohler with high amperage output designed to pump high aggregate load sealcoat material
  • The RaynPro can be built with a spray wand system for material application

RaynPro T-Series Sealcoating Machine Standards:

  • Professional grade steel saddle frame construction with 3/16″ tank walls and 3/16″ end caps for extended structural integrity
  • Direct Drive Hydraulic Agitation System, no chains or sprockets.

More Custom Options

  • Custom paint colors
  • 2″ Positive Displacement Hydraulic RaynPump for constant, non-surging high output performance with heavy materials
  • Available 2″ air-operated Wilden dual-diaphragm pump with 30-gallon gas-powered compressor.
  • Spray wand with filter assembly
  • Spray Bar 3.8″ diameter by 77″ with quick disconnect ends for cleaning
  • Spray Bar Remote – A RaynPro exclusive! Control your unit from the cab, the sidewalk or another vehicle!
  • Brush/Squeegee Box, Water Tank, Storage Boxes or Night Lights
  • Blower Ramp, Hose Reels
  • Fixed or Removable tank end cap
  • Rollover protection for local D.O.T. requirements

If you don’t see what you want, please ask!

Check out the RaynMaker for a sealcoat spray bar system for high-volume sealcoating!