Road Maintenance
A yellow RES Sealcoat buggy used for asphalt maintenance

Successfully Manage Road Maintenance with the Right Equipment

Caring for our city’s streets, lots and roadways are essential to preserving our country’s infostructure. However, asphalt contractors require the best equipment to keep up with the high demand for road maintenance every season. As such, many road maintenance crews, contractors and city municipalities turn to Rayner Equipment Systems for our high-quality, high-functioning asphalt machinery. Ensure you can provide quick and effective asphalt services with the best machinery available!

The Importance of Consistent Road Maintenance

It can be easy for your clients to neglect proper road maintenance. After all, having lots and roadways closed off for any period can be a hassle. However, road maintenance is essential for clients to avoid expensive repairs and asphalt replacement sooner than expected.

  • Increase Pavement Longevity
    • The same as you would perform maintenance on your car to ensure it runs, asphalt must be maintained to keep it from deteriorating. Over time, pavement cracks, crumbling, and potholes can form due to factors like moisture, UV rays, traffic and age. However, consistent seal coating, slurry seals, and additional asphalt treatments strengthen and protect your pavement and can extend its lifespan well past what’s expected.
  • Protect Drivers and Pedestrians
    • Unfortunately, deteriorating pavement can lead to a host of issues, one of which is the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Loose and crumbling pavement surfaces can cause potential sliding and skids on roadways, even when weather doesn’t impact driving conditions. Additionally, potholes can damage your tires, ruin your suspension, and lead to unsafe driver decisions (thus endangering pedestrians). Simple asphalt maintenance is required to ensure a safer environment for drivers and pedestrians.
  • Clients Save Money (And Contractors Benefit)
    • Road maintenance is significantly more affordable for clients than repair and replacement if asphalt falls into disarray. Additionally, asphalt upkeep is a simple enough service for contractors to offer and one clients commonly request. Not only will your clients save money through asphalt maintenance, but contractors can make a significant profit by offering the service.

The Equipment You Require

Dozens of trucks, machines and equipment are used to care for and maintain asphalt pavement surfaces. As such, Rayner Equipment Systems offers some of the best, most effective machinery for asphalt treatment services like slurry seals and sealcoating. Our equipment is best for helping protect, preserve and restore pavement.

  • RoadSavers – The RES RoadSavers are our line of durable, efficient and long-lasting slurry seal and micro surfacing machines. Our RoadSaver sets the industry standard for effective and high-quality slurry sealing, best for resurfacing large lots and heavily trafficked roadways.
  • PavementSavers – The PavementSaver is RES’s quick, compact and easily-maneuverable sealcoating buggy. PavementSavers are engineered to manage long work times and demanding projects to provide even and precise sealcoating for driveways, lots and other small pavement surfaces.
  • RaynMakers – For large sealcoating jobs, RES’s RaynMakers are perfect for the job. Whether using our RaynMaker truck or the RaynPro T-Series of sealcoat trailers, you can ensure high-quality sealcoating for any parking lot and roadway.
A slurry seal machine used for Road Maintenance

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Road maintenance is something your clients should never neglect! To ensure your city’s roadways are in top condition and you can meet the asphalt paving needs of city municipalities and local businesses, find the best asphalt equipment from Rayner Equipment Systems. Learn more about our asphalt products and machinery by calling 928-684-7851. We serve clients in Arizona, California, Texas, Illinois, New York and throughout the United States.