Road Repair
An asphalt sealcoating machine, helping protect a roadway before it needs road repair

Prevent Expensive Road Repair with the Right Maintenance Equipment

Staying on top of continual road repair and upkeep can be challenging for some businesses and municipalities. It takes an experienced road maintenance crew with the ability to provide proper asphalt preservation and protection services. Through Rayner Equipment Systems, contractors can find the asphalt machinery best for meeting their clients’ needs. Ensure your roadways are protected through sealcoating and slurry sealing with help from RES.

Our Asphalt Machinery

Before asphalt requires serious repair, you want to do everything you can to protect and extend its lifespan. Thus, RES supplies our durable and high-quality lines of industrial road maintenance equipment, perfect for maintaining your roadways and avoiding expensive road repair.

  • RoadSaver
    • Slurry sealing effectively resurfaces asphalt while filling gaps and cracks that have begun to form in pavement. Additionally, slurry sealing protects your roads from future damage due to water, chemicals and heavy traffic. And to ensure contractors can provide quick and efficient slurry seal services, RES manufactures our RoadSaver systems. Each RoadSaver can offer quick and precise slurry seal application to any asphalt surface.
  • RaynMaker
    • Before slurry sealing, businesses and road maintenance departments look to sealcoating for initial protection. A seal coat can protect asphalt from cracking and deterioration from extended exposure to water, chemicals and the environment. As such, RES produces reliable sealcoating trucks to manage the largest sealcoating jobs. Our RaynMaker systems are equipped with large tanks and adjustable spray bars that make sealcoating large roadways a breeze.
  • PavementSaver
    • Although the RaynMaker is an expertly designed sealcoating machine, its size is not the most conducive for smaller, more precise sealcoating jobs. Thankfully, RES has the solution: our PavementSaver systems. Our PavementSavers provide the same excellent sealcoating services, but instead via a tank and buggy. These sealcoating buggies help manage small sealcoating jobs, such as lots and driveways. PavementSavers have excellent capacity, can reach tight spaces, and are easy to operate.

Where We Started

Since the 1970s, the Rayner brothers have been a part of the asphalt paving and road maintenance industries. The Rayner brothers’ drive to create more reliable equipment led them to be the choice manufacturers of many asphalt contractors throughout the United States. It all began with RES’s desire to further improve slurry seal machines, infamous for breaking down and causing issues. Now, asphalt contractors rely on RES’s durable RoadSavers and other road maintenance machinery.

A RoadSaver helping perfrom Road Repair using slurry sealing

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