Sealcoat Buggies
A red sealcoat buggy from RES

Do You Need Sealcoat Buggies for Your Asphalt Contracting Business?

Asphalt contractors require the equipment and systems best for providing fast and effective asphalt repair, maintenance and installation services. As such, Rayner Equipment Systems strives to develop high-quality, high-functioning equipment engineered to outlast and outperform anything offered by our competitors. Our sealcoat buggies exemplify the durable and easy-to-operate machinery we provide asphalt contractors. And as an asphalt contractor, sealcoat buggies are one piece of equipment you shouldn’t go without!

Best Uses for Sealcoat Buggies

Every piece of asphalt equipment serves a unique purpose, and a sealcoat buggy is no different. Whether tending a private lot or residential property, sealcoat buggies make for quick work, saving time and money for contractors and clients alike. Some best uses for a sealcoat buggy include:

  • Small Jobs
    • A sealcoating truck isn’t necessary for every sealcoat job. In fact, sealcoat buggies are better suited to manage sealcoating for smaller lots or driveways. Our buggies hold a manageable amount of sealcoat, which can be quickly applied to any asphalt surface. Ultimately, a sealcoat buggy is the best equipment for residential jobs and sealcoating for private properties.
  • Precise Sealcoating
    • The maneuverability of RES’s sealcoating buggies is unmatched! Our self-propelled sealcoat machines can easily take tight corners and provide sealcoating for harder-to-reach surfaces. RES’s sealcoat machines are precise and accurate, with joystick controls and adjustable spray bars. Wherever a sealcoat truck can’t cover, our PavementSavers make up the difference.
  • Quick Projects
    • If deadlines are tight and your sealcoating jobs must be completed quickly, sealcoating buggies are your best bet for fast service. RES’s sealcoat buggies are quick to start, warm up fast, and apply sealcoating swiftly and accurately to pavement. Moreover, the fast work of a sealcoat buggy still provides an effective seal for asphalt, ensuring clients’ pavement is well protected and time for labor is minimal.

The PavementSaver’s Features

Rayner Equipment System’s PavementSaver II and III are some of the asphalt industry’s most durable and dependable sealcoat buggies. Our machines were engineered to handle extreme pressure and stress, out-running, outlasting and outperforming all other sealcoat machines. Each PavementSaver has numerous options for tank size, color, unique features, and other customizations. Some of the PavementSaver’s best features include:

  • Joystick Operator Controls
  • Powerful Hydraulic Drive Components
  • High-Performance T-1 Steel for Mixer & Diesel Tanks
  • Variable Speed Direct Drive Hydraulic Agitated Mixer
  • 8′ Spray Bar with 12′ extension
  • Tank Capacity Options between 400 to 500+ Gallons
RES's Sealcoat Buggies, PavementSavers

Talk with Our Team

For smaller residential jobs and precise sealcoating projects, asphalt contractors count on Rayner Equipment System’s line of high-quality, high-functioning sealcoat buggies. To learn more about the PavementSaver or our additional asphalt products, contact us today at 928-684-7851. We serve clients in Arizona, California, Texas, Illinois, New York and throughout the United States.