Sealcoat Plants – Brochure 


New Sealcoat Plants or Upgrades

Rayner Equipment Systems can assist you in determining the right plant for your needs, the right equipment, hydraulics, load sensing devices, operator controls, and storage tanks – whatever it takes to make your plant operational and worry free.

For existing seal coat plants, we can help you upgrade your current operation. Rayner Equipment offers the best hydraulic designs, high speed dispersion units and everything else you need to get the job done efficiently and safely.

Indoor Sealcoat Plants

Indoor Sealcoat Plants

Tank and manifold of indoor sealcoat plant

Components of indoor sealcoat plant by Rayner Equipment

Indoor sealcoat plant components

Outdoor Sealcoat Plants

Outdoor Sealcoat Plants

Storage for outdoor sealcoat plant

 Components of outdoor sealcoat plant by Rayner Equipment

Outdoor sealcoating plant components

Outdoor sealcoating plant by Rayner Equipment

Outdoor sealcoating plant

Large overhead sealcoat storage tanks at outdoor plant

Overhead storage tanks for sealcoating materials

Recommended Components

Master Power Supply

Master power supply indoor sealcoating plant

Power supply unit up close in sealcoating plant

Power supply for sealcoating plant

The Master Hydraulic Power Supply comes powered by a 40 HP electric motor (460 volt/3 Phase) but can also be powered by other electric choices or even gas or diesel.  The Hydraulic Pump and hydraulic reservoir is self-contained with an external filtering assembly and an external cooling radiator with automatic cooling fan.

Hydraulics typically power:

  •   The Mixer *
  •  The Emulsion Pump
  •  The Pump Manifold System
  •  The High Speed Dispersion Unit
  •  The Storage Tank Mixer *

* All mixer shafts are powerful, worry-free direct hydraulic drive. No chains or sprockets are used.

Operator Control System

Operator control system for sealcoating plant

Control station for sealcoat plant

The Operator Control Station brings all your controls to one location for ease of use. Typical design includes controls for the emulsion delivery, additive deliveries, water deliveries, water delivery and weights of clay, sand, aggregate, ink, additives and/or other components.

Component of control system for sealcoat plant

Part of operator control system in sealcoat plant

Wiring for operator control system in sealcoat plant

Electronic wiring for operator control system in sealcoating plant

Features include system on-off controls, hydraulic system controls water flow in gallons, total gallons, emergency stop button and more.

Control Station includes the low voltage power supply. Low voltage is used in most systems. Load cells measure every component you add to your mix for exact adherence to your sealcoat formula. Exact weighing of each component means the same accurate quality time after time!

Weights are conveniently read on the Operator Control Station.

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