Sealcoat Trucks
A RaynMaker truck covering a roadway with sealcoating

Maximize Your Business’s Effectiveness with Sealcoat Trucks

As an asphalt contractor, keeping up with your clients’ needs can be a demanding task. Roads, lots, driveways and other asphalt surfaces always need repair, maintenance or replacement. And to stay ahead of the influx of work during peak service months, you need the proper machinery and equipment. For example, sealcoat trucks are perfect for asphalt contractors wishing to provide asphalt protection for large lots and roadways. To invest in a new sealcoat truck or other asphalt equipment, contact Rayner Equipment Systems today.

Why Choose Sealcoating Trucks?

The sealcoating equipment that best fits your business will depend on your clients and the projects you take on. Thankfully, no matter your business’s needs, RES can match you with the right machinery. For example, sealcoating trucks a necessary for contractors who:

  • Take Larger Jobs
    • When managing smaller jobs, such as private lots or driveways, a sealcoating truck isn’t necessary. In fact, sealcoating buggies work well for small projects. However, if you wish to take projects outside residential paving and small commercial jobs, you’ll need a sealcoating truck. RES’s sealcoating trucks can carry significant volumes of sealcoating mixture, ensuring large lots and roadways can be easily covered.
  • Lack of Trucks & Trailers
    • While an effective alternative to sealcoating trucks is sealcoating trailers, this can be an inconvenient option for contractors who lack vehicles for hauling trailers. Conversely, sealcoating trucks are designed with the tank and vehicle as part of the same system. You can easily control the output of your sealcoat tank and spray bar from the cab of your truck, unlike with a trailer’s controls.
  • Go Further Distances
    • In addition to taking large jobs, sealcoating trucks enable contractors to provide their services to a greater area. Our sealcoating trucks can carry thousands of gallons of sealcoating mixture, keeping it hot, fresh and ready for use after any distance. For comparison, sealcoating buggies only hold a few hundred gallons of sealcoating and must be transported to job sites via additional trucks and trailers.

The RaynMaker’s Features

The RaynMaker II and Raynaker IIIG are RES’s industry-leading sealcoat trucks. Our mobile sealcoat distribution units are skid-mounted, self-contained, and don’t require a dedicated truck to operate. In addition to a diesel engine, digital controls, and material spread rate computer, the best features of our RaynMaker trucks include:

  • 1,000 to 4,000 Gallon Tanks Sizes
  • Full Sweep Agitation System
  • Hydraulic Direct Drive System
  • DOT Rollover Protection
  • Sealcoat Material Filtration
  • 8′ Primary Spreader Bar
Red Sealcoat Trucks from Rayner Equipment Systems

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Find dependable, high-quality, and easy-to-operate sealcoat trucks from the asphalt equipment experts at Rayner Equipment Systems. To learn more about our RaynMaker trucks or other sealcoating products and machinery, contact us today at 928-684-7851. We serve clients in Arizona, California, Texas, Illinois, New York and throughout the United States.