Sealcoating Service
A blue RES sealcoating buggie, the PavementSaver

Find Reliable Equipment for Offering Sealcoating Service

In building your asphalt paving and road maintenance company, you need the tools and equipment best for performing your duties! Moreover, you require machinery that can meet the wants and needs of your clients. And for most paving companies, pavement upkeep is a primary concern for clients. Thus, having the best equipment for sealcoating service is essential for your business. With Rayner Equipment Systems, you can select from the best sealcoating trucks, buggies and trailers available in the asphalt industry.

Why Your Clients Need Sealcoating

As mentioned previously, road maintenance is a primary concern for those requiring service from your company. Pavement upkeep helps avoid unnecessary and costly repairs to pavement. Sealcoating, in particular, has advantages that significantly benefit the protection, longevity, and appearance of asphalt pavement’s surface.

  • Cost-Effective
    • After some time, your asphalt pavement may begin to crack and break up. While there are ways to repair patches of pavement, allowing asphalt to deteriorate can lead to future expensive repairs. Worst case scenario, your clients might require complete asphalt replacement! However, with consistent sealcoating service, you can help preserve pavement and prevent the most expensive repairs.
  • Layer of Protection
    • Sealcoating offers an extra layer of protection to any pavement surface. With sealcoat, water and chemicals have a difficult time penetrating asphalt roadways. As such, pavement won’t be as susceptible to cracking and expansion when temperatures reach freezing. As for auto fluids, which can dissolve asphalt over time, sealcoating prevents such deterioration. Ultimately, sealcoating extends the longevity of pavement.
  • Fresh Look
    • If pavement appearance is of concern to your clients, sealcoating can help! A layer of sealcoat can replace dull, sun-worn pavement with a new, lustrous sheen. Sealcoating a pavement’s surface also gives businesses or municipalities a chance to freshen up/redraw road markings that have worn away. Thanks to sealcoating, a freshly covered roadway can boost the curb appeal of nearby homes and businesses.

Sealcoating Equipment Options

Rayner Equipment Solutions manufactures multiple models of sealcoating machines, giving contractors the most selection and versatility when they wish to provide sealcoating service to their clients. From buggies to trailers, we’ll help you select the equipment that can best support your asphalt business! Our options for sealcoating equipment include:

  • The PavementSaver – RES’s PavementSaver II & III are sealcoat buggies, perfect for managing smaller or more precise sealcoating jobs. These machines are built to out-run, out-last and outperform all other sealcoat machines. You can choose from various tank sizes, colors and options to customize our PavementSavers to your preference.
  • The RaynMaker – RES’s RaynMaker and RaynMaker IIG are our mobile sealcoat distribution units. Each machine doesn’t require a dedicated truck, is skid-mounted, self-contained, and simple to operate. The RaynMakers work best for significant sealcoating projects, such as long roadways or large lots.
  • The RaynPro T-Series – RES’s RaynPro T-Series share the same features and customization options as the RaynMaker, but without the dedicated truck. If you already possess vehicles suited for the duties of your asphalt business, the T-Series gives you the same great sealcoating service but at a fraction of the cost.
RES's large sealcoating machine for implementing Sealcoating Service

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