Sealcoating Trailers
Sealcoating equipment applying sealcoating to a roadway

Equip Your Trucks with High-Quality Sealcoating Trailers from RES

Sealcoating is a highly-requested service for most asphalt contractors. Sealcoating is not only an effective method for preserving pavement but a quick and affordable service for contractors to implement. If your business presently lacks the proper equipment for sealcoating, Rayner Equipment Systems has the solution: sealcoating trailers! Fast-track your sealcoating services with RES’s RaynPro T-Series sealcoat trailers.

Why Choose Trailers?

Sealcoating trailers aren’t the only piece of sealcoat equipment. In fact, RES produces sealcoating trucks and buggies alongside our trailers. However, a sealcoating trailer might be best, depending on your company’s needs. Here are some reasons why you might need a sealcoating trailer over a truck or buggy:

  • Customization
    • Although all of RES’s sealcoating products have some level of customizability, our RaynPro T-Series has the most options for customization. We help contractors select the asphalt spray system features that will most impact their productivity and customer satisfaction. If you’re concerned our other sealcoating products can’t be personalized to your specifications, choose our trailers instead.
  • Convenience
    • Set up of our sealcoat trailers is quick and straightforward. As long as you have a truck with the correct trailer hookups, you can easily attach any RaynPro T-Series unit. Additionally, our sealcoat trailers are more compact than our sealcoat trucks, making them easier to maneuver and more convenient for smaller and more precise sealcoat jobs.
  • Affordability
    • Although RES strives to offer our sealcoat equipment for competitive, affordable prices, purchasing a new piece of machinery can still be a significant investment for your business. Thankfully, our sealcoating trailers are one of our most affordable equipment offerings! Without the addition of a truck cab and engine, our trailers are priced lower, making them the best choice for contractors staying within a budget.
The RaynPro T-Series, one of RES's Sealcoating Trailers

RES’s Asphalt Equipment

In addition to our sealcoating trailers, Rayner Equipment Systems designs and manufactures other high-quality asphalt machinery for contractors throughout the U.S. For years, we’ve produced high-quality, highly-efficient equipment that has helped contractors maximize their asphalt protection, maintenance and resurfacing services. Our other products include:

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