Quality Machines & Customer Service

At Rayner Equipment Systems, our engineers strive to build machines that need as little maintenance as possible. But if issues arise, we pride ourselves on taking care of customers and helping them with anything they need. Here are a few of our favorite customer testimonials.

Hardrives Construction Inc.

Dear Randy,

I just wanted to let you know we are very happy with the two Road Savers our company bought at the beginning of the year.  From the onset your company was very responsive to our requests for proposal and thru the decision making process all our questions was answered in a very professional manner.  Once we made the decision to purchase from CPM your team delivered our machines in a very timely manner and when they were promised.

Thru out our first year we came to depend on our machines and had very few maintenance issues, the machines performed as promised.  We were extremely happy with the support that you gave us, especially in the first couple weeks while we were getting used to the machines and I was very appreciative that you were always available to answer even the smallest of questions.

One of the leading qualities of your design is the ease of the operator’s controls and information at his disposal.  Our operator was quick to pick up the operation of the Road Saver and in a very short period was training other employee’s how to operate.  You and I both know this is the key to success in this business.  From Calibration to operation I doubt there is a more efficient system in the market.

Once again thanks for all the help and support this year and we look forward to buying more of your products as we grow our market.


Robert Mars

Hardrives Construction, Inc.


Sully-Miller Contracting Co.

We just purchased 2 new RoadSavers from Rayner Equipment Systems.  From the start to the end our expectations have been met and exceeded. During the building of the new machines our needs changed requiring a faster delivery, the crew at RES made things happen and met our time line.  Our crew had very little time to calibrate or even acclimate to the new machines before we started a high profile job in Rancho Pales Verdes.  We were able to not only calibrate with ease beyond our expectations but had the crew operating with perfect precision in short order.  The Smart-Ops system made what is usually a difficult learning curve very easy.  With the help from RES’s talented and friendly trainers our team was able to demonstrate our expertise to the City.  We were told by the inspector that the Rancho Pales Verdes job had “the Best Slurry I have ever seen!”

It is the quality of the RoadSaver backed by the technical/customer service support that helped us make the decision on where to purchase our equipment. These new machines use technology fused with old fashioned toughness and are absolutely the right machine for the job.

Thank you RES for all the effort and for helping us experience the RoadSaver difference!


Mike Silva, Project Manager


Alakona Asphalt Pavement Specialists

When Alakona Corp. won a 3 year contract for slurry seal, I had no hesitation selecting the RoadSaver II for the job.  Gordon Raynor provided the latest slurry seal technology and expertise. Our crew spent a week on the job training with California Pavement Maintenance to familiarize themselves with the equipment before the RoadSaver arrived in Hawaii.  CPM provided an expert trainer, Francis Cardoza, to be on site as we began the job in Honolulu, to make certain that the equipment was performing as promised.  As the project progresses, we continue to be extremely satisfied with the Road Saver and know that when we expand our fleet we have found the best equipment for the job.

RoadSaver is our choice for the job!

Many thanks to Gordon Raynor and the CPM team for the RoadSaver, reliable equipment with the best product support and expertise.


Mervyn A. de Wolff

ACI Asphalt

Customer Matt Leaf of ACI Asphalt, agrees: The PavementSaver does exactly as the name describes. It’s helped us save customers’ pavement faster and more efficiently allowing us to help more customers per season. It’s a great product.

D&G Sealcoating & Striping 

The PavementSaver has been a great machine. My guys have used and abused it, but it keeps on going. Labor costs have decreased immensely with the use of this machine resulting in the ability do more jobs.

D&G Sealcoating & Striping

California Pavement Maintenance Co. Inc.

The PavementSaver has been our work horse for years, day in and day out this machine keeps performing flawlessly. Our production rates have increased due to the large capacity tank and dependability of the machine. Profits have increased because with the PavementSaver you can get more work done in less time.

California Pavement Maintenance Co. Inc.

Andersen Asphalt

The PavementSaver has been an efficient and reliable piece of equipment. We have seen dramatically noticeable improvements in our working efficiency. We are happy to promote Rayner equipment products because of its high quality. -Andersen Asphalt

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